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Are you looking for a gift that will make the recipient really happy?

The P-Line Shop Gift Cards have arrived to help you!

Buy your Gift Card online conveniently: choose the amount, make the purchase as per any other product, we'll contact you within 24 hours (excluding holidays) to have all recipient's information. We will delivery the card in digital format to the recipent or directly to you, together with your special wish. The recipient will be able to use your gift only in our shop

Give whoever you want the pleasure of choosing!

BUY YOUR GIFT CARD  25, 50, 75 OR 100 € RIGHT NOW!



The P-Line Shop Gift Card is governed from the following conditions of request and use.

1. The Gift Card is sold in 25, 50, 75 and 100 € formats.

2. The Gift Card can be purchased in the online shop

3. The Gift Card can be only used to buy products in the online shop

4. After the purchase, which takes place using one of the payment methods accepted on, the buyer receives an email in which he/she is informed of the code necessary to use the Gift Card.

5. The Gift Card will be usable by anyone has the code, starting from the same day the confirmation email is received.

6. The Gift Card has a duration of 12 months from the activation date.

7. The Gift Card can be spent in a single solution until its value is exhausted. In the event that the value of the Gift Card isn't sufficient to purchase the products, the missing amount must be paid using one of the payment methods accepted on

8. The Gift Card is bearer: in the event of loss of alphanumeric code, the card cannot be blocked, refunded or replaced. Furthermore, no responsibility can be attributed to P-Line Europe in the event of improper or fraudulent use of the Gift Card.

9. The purchase of the Gift Card doesn't allow to participate in promotional offer or initiatives underway at the time of activation, while its use to pay the purchases will allow to access at promotional offers or active initiatives.

10. The Gift Card cannot be returned in exchange to money.

11. The Gift Card can be used in all enabled countries.

Any complaint regarding the use of the Gift Card can be sent by email to the address

The purchase and the use of the Gift Card implies having read and accepted this document, terms and conditions of use.

The valid conditions of use will be published from time to time on the website

Any dispute relating to the use of the Gift Card will be governed of the laws established in the country of purchase and use of the same.



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