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P-Line EndurX

P-Line EndurX

Why is EndurX already considered one of the best Braided Lines on the world market?

The reasons are very simple P-Line EndurX is a braided line made with exclusive technology “NO-FADE ” that allows the fibres to be dyed before the braiding process takes place; this ensures that the braid does not lose its original colour over time, even after countless uses.

This technology, combined with the extremely tight and compact braided 8 carriers, makes it EndurX resistant to elongation, with a unique and water-repellent sensitivity.

Thanks to its water repellent properties, you will always have a silky-smooth surface and an incredible silent smoothness for incredibly long and precise throws.

The very high resistance/diameter ratio is also top-class, allowing you to fish in very high safety, in extreme conditions and with prey beyond your limits.

With EndurX, P-Line has managed to create a unique 8-piece braid that combines everything that a modern and demanding fisherman 

P-Line EndurX

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su feb 24, 2024


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