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Samuele Ferroni Tests EndurX

Samuele Ferroni Tests EndurX

“I used EndurX a frog both on the water lilies and inside the more intricate covers, flipping and pitching,
spinning with obviously finer diameters and has always performed impeccably both in fishing for bass and trout in streams, and for bass both in the mouth and inside the rivers.

Silky and soft it allows you to cast very long distances, zero noise and friction in the rings, but at the same time guarantees great resistance to abrasion and rubbing.

As regards the special coloring, I can confirm that the color remains unchanged and the braid does not “peel” even after a long time. As it does not absorb water, the performance is always at the top even after hours of fishing.”

Samuele Ferroni –

Samuele Ferroni Tests EndurX

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su giu 23, 2024


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